Free Office Hours

When we started our firm, we realized one barrier most people have with finding a good attorney is limited access. Most attorneys have a website that will give you a little bit of information about the type of firm they have and some personal information about themselves.  At the Devins Law Firm we take a different approach and offer a way for potential clients to connect with our attorneys in person or over the phone.

Our goal is to be accessible to our clients, and our inspiration is the tried and true “Office Hours” that many college professors hold open to their students.

If this concept sounds like a great idea to you, why don’t you sign up for our “Free Office Hours” and meet our team. See below for more details:

Each week Devins Law Firm hosts open and FREE office hours.  Through a new concept called Ohours, we offer 20-minute time slots to anyone seeking to speak with an attorney about their business, estate planning, or litigation needs. Plan to come by our Raleigh Six Forks office location on Tuesday mornings or come by our Durham office in the American Underground of the Tobacco Campus on Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday afternoons.  To view time slot details and to sign up for a session, please click HERE.  We look forward to meeting you and to hearing how we can help!