At Devins Law Firm we regularly advise our clients on matters dealing with federal and state securities laws and regulations. Matters can range from private placements and other capital raising transactions to the issuance of equity-based compensation or other strategic business transactions. Our vast experience in these areas allows us to effectively guide our clients through the complexities of conforming to these complicated regulations.

We advise and represent private companies who wish to enter into the initial public offering process, and the related complications involved in transitioning from a privately held company to a publicly traded company.

Our law firm begins to actively work with our clients long before the initial public offering to assist in the preparation process, selection of underwriters and due diligence research. We actively engage with the Board of Directors and the management team to provide strategic guidance with respect to executive and equity compensation issues and corporate governance issues that may arise. Finally, we work with our clients to prepare the offering documents and guide them through the completion of the initial public offering.

Rest assured, engagement with our clients does not end once they have become publicly traded companies. We continue to offer advice to our publicly traded clients on both public and private financings and other securities compliance and regulatory issues facing the company, including compliance with the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002 and related regulations. We are also able to provide our clients efficient on-going compliance advice and assistance with the preparation of SEC periodic reports, handling of disclosure issues, compliance with securities trading rules and other federal and state securities laws and regulations.