Devins Law Firm can support your business every step of the way, from its initial startup to maintaining and planning to wind down.  See below to learn more about our pricing packages:

Startup Business Plan

If you believe starting your own business is too expensive or complicated, let us work with you to make the process easy and efficient.  Through our startup business package you’ll receive an initial meeting to discuss your vision and the pros & cons of forming a C-corp, S-Corp, LLC, or Partnership; we’ll then form your business with the state and obtain your corporate books; we will also draft an Independent Contractor Agreement, Employee Offer letter, and job description form; you are welcome to give us one free phone call a month to discuss legal needs and/or advice on the development of your business; and finally, you’ll receive an end-of-year meeting to review your first year of business and assistance with your annual corporate filings.  Packages are priced as a flat fee for the year.

Maintain Your Business Plan

This plan is best suited for a business that is up and running, needs protection from unnecessary costs, and is looking to grow.  With this package you’ll receive a review of your basic employee documents, intellectual property needs, and commercial leases as well as a draft of a Service or License Agreement, assistance in negotiations with lenders in order to expand access to capital, and one free phone call a month.  Packages are priced as a flat fee for the year.

Business Succession Planning

You started a successful business and watched it grow.  Now it is time to identify who will fill key ownership and/or leadership roles within your business when you are incapable or unwilling to do so (because of retirement, illness, or death).  Business succession planning allows your business to continue with limited disruption when unforeseen events occur.  We advise owners of closely held businesses, including C-corps, S-corps, general and limited partnerships, and limited liability companies on preparing their business for a smooth transition in any circumstance that brings about change in ownership.  With a business succession plan you can hand your business down to the next generation, ensure it will last, motivate current employees to stay with the business, and fulfill requirements that lenders or investors may have.  Contact us   for pricing information.