“For several years, Walter Devins and the Devins Law Firm

have provided legal services to our companies ranging from contract reviews to corporate governance matters and from shareholder agreements to real estate contracts and closings. Throughout these years the Devins Law Firm has proven to provide cost-efficient and excellent work. Our companies have found the Devins Law Firm to be a helpful advisor for a broad range of corporate legal matters. Walter Devins as the firm’s principal has been a trustworthy as well as deadline conscious partner to our management teams.”

Marc Noel
Chairman, Noel Group
Zebulon, NC

“I’m building a $100 million business here and Walter Devins

is at the core of every decision that is being made. I look at him as my first line of defense. All of my legal work and every large caliber issue passes through Walter. Let’s put it this way – when it comes to Devins Law Firm, I wouldn’t want to be on the other side of the fence!”

Michael Aoun
Owner, Global Trading Associates
Raleigh, NC

“Walter guides me and my business in the right direction.

I look at him as my business advisor as well as my legal ally. He is so accessible. Often, just one phone call gets me the answers I need. His ideas, his alliances and his resources are vast.”

Brett Thompson
Owner, BAT Consulting and Owner, Eleven 55
Wake Forest, NC