5 Personally Recommended Apps for the Small Business Owner

5 Personally Recommended Apps for the Small Business Owner

As a small business owner, I appreciate anything that helps me organize and control the many everyday factors of operating a business. I am in the process of testing these applications myself, but so far I am impressed and I would recommend them to other business owners.

1. Highrise – The replacement to your business card collection. Collect your contacts in one place. Besides contact information, you can also add other fields and notes about the person. For example, when I add a contact, one of the pieces of information I identify is if he or she is a potential client or referral source. I can also write a brief background description and add “To Do” tasks related to the person. http://highrisehq.com/

2. MyStickies – I love sticky notes! But I loose them all the time. This application takes the concept of using sticky notes for reminders, and allows you to apply a sticky note to a website you would like to bookmark. When you come back to the bookmarked site, the note you left for yourself reminds you exactly why you bookmarked it in the first place and what on the website piqued your interest. I like the app because, before it, I had many, many websites bookmarked and I would not be able to recall why I bookmarked them without taking lots of time to sort and read through them again. http://www.mystickies.com/

3. Google Calendar – Google calendar is so easy and intuitive to use. I love that I can set it up to view multiple calendars, my personal and business calendar, as well as, say, UNC’s sports calendar! It is easily accessible on my cell. There are also neat features such as allowing other people to view my schedule without letting them see details (appointments will just show as “Busy”). http://www.google.com/calendar

4. Neptune – The more To Do list reminders I have, the better for me. As mentioned, Highrise offers a To Do list option related to your contacts (i.e. “Follow up with Jane…”). Neptune will cover these tasks and more (i.e. Pay the electric bill!”). Streamlined and easy to keep up with, Neptune will email you your tasks for the day each morning, and you can email Neptune back as you think of more tasks to add. It is only $10 per year, but they offer a free 15-day trial. http://www.neptunehq.com/

5. Dropbox – I use this app everyday to share files with my legal assistant and to access them easily once I am at home and am on a different computer. This app allows you access to your files from any computer that has Internet connection. So you no longer need to worry about carrying around that (in my case) ever-hard-to-find thumbdrive. You can upload folders and files and choose who you would like to have access to them. This is a neat feature for sharing personal files such as photos and videos. https://www.dropbox.com/

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Photo courtesy of Nutdanai Apikhomboonwaroot.

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